The Sydney Salsa & Mambo Convention is a brand new event like no other in Australia. Born from a passion for Salsa and Mambo, It will bring back the vibe of the Sydney Salsa Congress days and fuse it with the sophisticated feeling of NYC Palladium.

This 3-day and 3-night event will bring together some of the most iconic dancers in Australia and overseas, who have been hand-picked to give you an amazing experience. With an approach that goes beyond dancing, the SSMC invites you to learn about the history of Salsa and Mambo whilst you enjoy a whole weekend of workshops, live concerts, parties and shows where the roots and traditions of these dance styles meet the flair of modern dancing.

Salseros and Mamberos out there, you can’t miss this event!


From Puerto Rico

Directly from Puerto Rico, this couple are true living legends of Mambo.

Gabriel & Leticia

From Argentina

Arguably the best Bachata Competition couple of all time and having also won several Salsa trophies, they have rocked Australia before and are back to dazzle you again with their amazing shows, workshops and social dancing.

Mario Acosta-Cevallos

From Canada

10 x World Salsa Champion, Mario Acosta-Cevallos has been dancing for over 20 years, training and teaching in many different dance styles including Salsa, Flamenco, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Ballroom. 


From Cuba

Master of Afro-Cuban and contemporary dance styles, Yasim is coming to the SSMC with a very special project exclusive to the event attendees. 

Emily Glubb

From New Zealand

One of the biggest Salsa and Mambo dancers in New Zealand, Emily Glubb is coming to the SSMC bringing along her amazing Trio.

Joaquin Arteaga

From Venezuela/Spain

Joaquin Arteaga is the creator, main composer, bandleader and percussionist of the Tromboranga Salsa orchestra.

Carlos Veron

From Argentina

Carlos Veron is the current Argentina National Salsa Champion and was a finalist in both the World Salsa Summit USA and Puerto Rico Salsa Open.

Enzo Vergaray

From Canada

Enzo is a competitive professional Salsa dancer. With no previous dance training, he began taking Salsa lessons in 2009. By 2011, he moved to Vancouver, Canada where he quickly made an impact in the dance community and taught, coached and trained in all forms of dance styles. As a performer, Enzo is well known for his hypnotic performances marked by high levels of grace, speed and technical difficulty.

He is also known for his smooth and clean social dancing and styling as a follow. Enzo now lives in Melbourne to share his knowledge and passion for dance as well as to grow, motivate and train dancers. With most of his dance training in Latin styles, he quickly branched out into street jazz, heels, hip hop and ballet classes to expand his passion and knowledge for different dance styles.

Francisco Jr.

From USA

Francisco Jr is a professional Latin dancer, choreographer, instructor, competitor and judge based in San Francisco, USA. His dance trajectory has led him to become one of the most recognized Latin Dancing figures in LA, California and USA.

Aside from many of his winnings and amazing talent, Francisco Jr is also a well-recognised competitor in the Professional-Amateur categories, training Amateur dancers with little or no dance experience, then competing and performing with them nationally and internationally.

Francisco Jr is truly passionate about all art forms, as evidenced in his performances, competitions, workshops, social dancing and complex show moves and lifts. He is also known for his fun and charismatic personality on and off the dance floor.


You can't miss this amazing event

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