Show Australia your talent! Make all those hours of classes and training pay off. Feel the adrenaline as you step on stage and compete against the very best in Australia. 

And there is more! Qualify to the World Latin Dance Cup – WLDC and join Team Australia to represent our beautiful country at the world’s largest and most prestigious Latin Dance competition happening in Colombia later in the year.

What does Team Australia represent?

More than a placing, more than a trophy, more than any prize, to be part of Team Australia means you have earned your spot amongst the elite competitors of the Australian Latin Dance scene.

The SSMC Australian Selections judging panel will nominate the top competitors to be publicly recognised and promoted as members of Team Australia until SSMC 2020.

As a member of Team Australia you will also be allocated a spot in the semi-finals of the WLDC 2019 – World Latin Dance Cup – taking place in Medellin, Colombia, later in the year.

Be recognised for your hard work and be part of the official team representing Australia around the world!



Save the date

More info coming soon, stay tuned!
  • Fri 19 Oct 2019
  • Starts 9 am sharp
  • Venue: The Refectory Sydney Uni Camperdown NSW 2006

  • Schedule coming soon


Choose yours

Register for as many styles as you wish
  • Salsa On1
  • Salsa On2
  • Bachata
  • Samba
  • Kizomba
  • Zouk
  • Urban Latin
  • Tango
Some styles may not be available at the WLDC and will be for SSMC Australian Selections only.


Pick yours

Dancers that get paid and make partial or most their income from dance.
One professional dancing with one amateur.
Teams can have more than 50% of amateur dancers, but if at least one dancer is a professional, the team is classified as Pro-Am.
Dancers who do not make money or get paid for teaching classes or performing in shows etc. Amateur dancers also cannot be hired or be teaching at any National or International event as a guest instructor regardless of whether remuneration is done through payment, free passes, reimbursements or any other benefits.
Open for Amateur, ProAm, Couples and Soloist.
Soloists must be over 50 years old. Couples must have a combined age of 75+.


Compete in as many divisions as you wish

Each of the categories (professionals, amateurs, pro-am or master) will be organised in the following divisions:

  • Couples/Duets

  • Teams

  • Soloists

  • Pro-Ams (Couples/Duets)


The Selections format

The selections format will be run by combining all styles within a given division competing against each other.

For example: Pro-Am division.

All styles of Pro-Am, whether couples or duets, will compete against each other.

E.g. Pro-Am Salsa On1 couple male instructor, Pro-Am Bachata couple female teacher and Pro-Am Samba duet will all compete against each other.

You will be judged by the international guests to find the top 3 in each selected style and to find one overall winner.

The top 3 from each selected division will be invited to join Team Australia, which means qualifying for the semi-finals of the WLDC 2019.

Prizes & WLDC

One (or more) could be yours

We'll find 5 winners for each of the divisions below accordind to the 5 judging criteria. The winners of each of the 5 judging criteria will be given trophies in recognition of their achievement. In addition to the trophies, the winners of the Best Overall criteria will win:

  • Pro Couples: Cash Prize of $1000 and Work Contracts (TBC)

  • Pro Teams: Cash Prize of $1,000

  • Pro Soloist: Cash Prize of $500 and Work Contracts (TBC)

  • Pro-Am Couples: Cash Prize of $500

  • Pro-Am Teams: Cash Prize of $500

  • Amateur Couples: 50% discount for each on SSMC Full Pass for 2020

  • Amateur Teams: 50% discount for each team member on SSMC Full Pass for 2020

  • Amateur Soloist: 50% discount on SSMC Full Pass for 2020

And it doesn't stop there. The top 3 from each division will be invited to join Team Australia, which means qualifying for the semi-finals of the WLDC 2019.


How the comp works

Judges will be looking for the best competitors in the following criteria:

  • Best Choreography: most creative and entertaining show while still displaying the chosen dance style
  • Most Sabor: flavour and authenticity that represents the chosen dance style
  • Best Costume: best costume presentation and representation of the chosen dance style
  • Most Technical: dancers that best represent the dance technique true to the chosen dance style
  • Best Overall: dancers that best represent the chosen style in all above criteria combined.


Meet the judging panel

The international judging panel will collectively choose the overall winner in each division.

The national judging panel will then collectively choose the best representatives for Team Australia.

Judging participants of the judging panel will be announced closer to the event date.


Secure your spot

All competitors are expected to:
  • Have a Performer Pass to SSMC 2019
  • Pay a $25 Registration Fee. You only need to pay the Registration Fee once and you can take part on as many divisions as you like at no extra cost.

WLDC 2019


The World Latin Dance Cup is the largest and most prestigious Latin Dance competition in the world with over 35 countries represented. By being part of the SSMC Australian Selections, you now have the chance to join Team Australia and represent our country at the WLDC in Colombia later in 2019.

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