The Sydney Salsa & Mambo Convention is a brand new event like no other in Australia. Born from a passion for Salsa and Mambo, It will bring back the vibe of the Sydney Salsa Congress days and fuse it with the sophisticated feeling of NYC Palladium.

This 3-day and 3-night event will bring together some of the most iconic dancers in Australia and overseas, who have been hand-picked to give you an amazing experience. With an approach that goes beyond dancing, the SSMC invites you to learn about the history of Salsa and Mambo whilst you enjoy a whole weekend of workshops, live concerts, parties and shows where the roots and traditions of these dance styles meet the flair of modern dancing.

Salseros and Mamberos out there, you can’t miss this event!


From Melbourne

Alex Bryan in an acclaimed performer, coach, producer, choreographer and MC. Since the age of 16 he has appeared in numerous television, film and stage productions while managing a competitive dance career.

Alex lists ABC’s “Strictly Dancing” and Channel 7’s “Dancing with the Stars” amongst his TV credits. Passionate about combining his technical dance training with the connection and style of Latin Dance, as a coach, he has mentored many Australian and world champions and his choreographies are described as breathtaking, meaningful and thought-provoking.

Artia & Madalyn

From Melbourne & Brisbane

Artia and Madalyn are two of Australia’s well-respected artists who have achieved national and international success as Soloists. They each have their own unique style but together these two bring something new to the table.

They are known for their high energy workshops, for their flavour, groove, their ability to express subtlety, technique and body movement in their one of a kind shows. These two are also Salsa-maniacs on the social floor.

A&M exude more flavour than a Vegemite sandwich, more strength than Roger the Kangaroo, more moves than Australian politicians, and more good looks than Brangelina. They’re like the human Salsa version of Batman and Robin, but with tighter costumes and a more enticing connection!

Arturo Flores

From Brisbane

Arturo was born in Mexico and raised in California Los Angeles, from Cuban and French heritage.

His love for dance started at a young age with a strong influence from his mother who had a professional dance career in Cabaret and Jazz. He started dance classes at eight years of age and has done everything from Musicals in America to dancing alongside Ricky Martin and Shakira to teaching with his own style and flavour all around the world.

Several times Australian Champion and finalist at the World Salsa Summit and World Latin Dance Cup, aka “The bad boy of Salsa”, Arturo has been creating controversy with his original vision of dancing, his very particular costumes, high heels and dance styles.

Carlos & Elli

From Brisbane

Between them Carlos and Elli have represented Brisbane and Australia as instructors and performers all over the globe: Puerto Rico, Spain, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, India, Hong Kong and New Zealand to name a few. They have trained and developed some of Queensland’s key dancers and teams and are multiple times Australian Salsa Cabaret champions.

Carlos and Elli, have a comprehensive knowledge of Latin dance styles, their main passion being for Salsa and Cha Cha Cha. Their dancing is depicted by a strong masculine style, coupled with a feminine elegance.

Christine Rymer

From Sydney

Christine displays a very diverse range of experience in dance with many styles such as Jazz, JFH, Hip Hop, Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Zouk, Kizomba, Dancehall, Afro & Reggaeton. Over the past 10 years she has achieved numerous titles competing and performing at National and International events in the Latin Dance Scene.

Christine’s fun and energetic personality shines through in both her teaching and performing alike. Her dynamic and fireball energy on stage will be sure to entertain any audience as she shares her passion and love for dance. She was apart of the new dance show & competition on the Channel 7 Network, “Danceboss” Australia 2018 as one of the contestants in which her group came 4th place.

Debby Smits

From Brisbane

Debby’s passion for Salsa, Mambo and other Latin dance styles has spanned for over 24 years. She established one of the first Latin Dance Schools in Queensland and has travelled the world sharing her love for dancing. Aka DJ Debelicious, she has also developed into a great DJ, making sure to keep the dance floor going all night long.


From Sydney

Coming Soon

Elysia Baker

From Melbourne

Elysia Baker is the current Australian Salsa & Latin Champion and ranked 2nd in the world in the professional Cha Cha at the World Salsa Summit, USA. A former ballet dancer, Elysia fell in love with Salsa over 10 years ago and never looked back. She has worked her way up to be recognised as one of the industry’s most respected artists. Elysia travels frequently to continue learning from some of the industry’s icons, along with competing, performing and teaching at events both nationally and around the world.

Elysia’s wealth of dance knowledge and training in a variety of dance styles (including Mambo, Cha Cha, Ballet, Contemporary and more) lends itself to well-rounded training techniques. Her dance travel lifestyle gives her fresh insight into the ever-evolving world of dance, which she brings back to infuse into her own teaching and training techniques.

Elysia’s beautiful personality combined with her dynamic choreography, power, body movement and flexibility, forges together to create exciting shows and insightful and fun dance classes.

Fed & Paola

From Sydney

Both Federico and Paola have been long-time fans of Latin music and dancing, especially the Palladium Mambo tunes and moves of the 50’s and 60’s, and that’s what brought them together in the first place. Together, they run shows, classes, teams and workshops with the philosophy that when people fall in love with the music and the dance at the same time, is when the real magic of dancing happens. “Dancing is a conversation between the rhythm and the dancers, only possible when one is open to listening to what the other has to say.”

Jaime & Mary

From Sydney

Jaime Jesus & Mary-Grace. This heavenly couple has been blessed with travelling the world to preach their message of Salsa to followers from all continants on earth.

Their high energy, sabor and contagious style of dance has been sort after globally in a joint career that spans over 20 years. Their outgoing, friendly and bubbly personalities make them fun to learn from and be around. Coupled with the expertise in their craft and their passion for what they do, there is every reason why to experience them and no reason why to miss them.

Make sure you check out their workshops, watch their shows and grab them for a dance on the social dance floor.

Josie Coté

From Sydney

Josie has been dancing since she learned how to walk, and has extensive training in Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop and various other dance styles. Many times Australian Salsa Champion, she will be recognised on the dance floor by her amazing body movement and her flawless technique in Salsa, Mambo, Bachata and other Latin dances. She has coached countless teams, both professionals and amateurs, to many prestigious Australian Champions.

She is the director and co-founder of Tropical Soul Dance Studio, one of the biggest Latin dance schools in Sydney. Her mission, focus and goal is to grow the Mambo (and Salsa) scene, and create the highest quality dancers throughout Sydney and Australia!

Juan & Gaby

From Sydney

Juan is a pioneer in the Bachata movement in the world and Australia. Recognized as one of the top Bachata influencers in Australia, he has been part of the Bachata community since 2004. His Bachata style, known as Bachata Moderna, is well structured and easy to learn. Juan blends Dominican footwork, with Sensual shapes and Moderna patterns. As he always says “you should dance what the music tells you to dance”.

With a passion for various Latin rhythms, Gabriela has brought her South American flavour to the Australian stage and social dance floor, performing and competing in Samba, Salsa, Cha Cha Cha and her favourite, Bachata! She has performed on various national and International stages such as San Francisco Bachata Festival, Puerto Rican World Salsa Congress, Sydney International Bachata Festival, Sydney Latin Festival, Bailando Sensual, Byron Latin Fiesta and more

Juan Carlos

From Adelaide

Originally from Cali, in Colombia, Juan Carlos has performed and competed around the world since 2000. In 2010 he moved to Australia, and has, since, been sharing his love for salsa amongst students and fellow artists. Cali style Salsa (aka Colombian Salsa) is his field of expertise, but he teaches and performs various styles of dancing around Australia and overseas.

Kelvin & Angelica

From Sydney

Kelvin and Angelica have been teaching and performing together for the past 4 years. They have an extensive knowledge in Cuban Salsa, LA Salsa and Bachata. They have run various classes and socials in Brisbane before moving to Sydney in 2018. Kelvin started his dance journey in his hometown in Venezuela, where he learned from one of the most renowned Cuban Salsa academies in the world. With a passion for body movement and musicality, Kelvin expanded his dancing skills in other styles such as LA Salsa, Mambo, Hip Hop, Classical Dance and more. Angelica trained in the US for 15 years competing and teaching in Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and Tap before finding her passion in Salsa. She is very passionate about combining her technical background with the deep history and flavour of Salsa to bring the best to both the stage and her students. Kelvin and Angelica love to share their passion and knowledge while creating a fun and easy-to-follow atmosphere, which makes their classes a must.

Mitch Bilic

From Sydney

Coming Soon

Nestor & Katrina

From Sydney

Two of the biggest names in both Salsa and Bachata in Australia, Nestor and Katrina have taught, performed and competed all over the world. They are also the directors and creators of the Modus Vivendi teams, having won multiple World Titles.

Nestor, of Uruguayan, and Katrina, of Portuguese descent, are the first and most prominent Bachata exports, having represented Australia in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Auckland, Hong Kong, Rome, Milan, London, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and the list goes on. Nearly every corner of the world has been exposed to their funky and fun style of Bachata which encompasses many styles fused to make them one of the most versatile Bachata couples in the world. 

Recognised for the high energy, flair, fun and musicality in their choreographies, Nestor and Katrina are multiple time champions in both Australia and World’s stage. Their workshops are 2nd to none as their uncanny humour and amazing teaching ability always leave their students on high. Check them out in action at the SSMC 2019.

Oliver Pineda

From Sydney

This multiple World Salsa Champion has added his latest title: the 2019 Las Vegas Ultimate Latin Dance World Championship. Now 10 x World Champion! As well as being a special guest performer and choreographer on Channel 7’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’, he has choreographed for Channel 10’s hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” while being featured numerous times on TV.

Oliver has taught in every continent at thousands of events and continues to travel spreading his passion and knowledge for dance. While always passionate about Salsa and Mambo, Oliver’s dance experience extends to Rueda, Merengue, Zouk Lambada, Kizomba, Semba, Samba, Cumbia, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Afro Cuban, and all the Latin/Modern Dacesport Ballroom styles such as Jive, Paso Doble, Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, Tango, Venice Waltz and Quick-Step.

Pascale Salsette

From Sydney

Pascale’s dance journey started early on where she spent 10 years studying ballet, jazz, contemporary and tap dancing. Her passion for Salsa was ignited back in 2001 when she started teaching and performing in both Salsa and Samba. Since then Pascale has taught for many of the schools across Sydney, Australia and NZ. She has run many successful performance teams and achieved placings in multiple competitions.

Known for her technical and fun teaching style, she has mentored many students to become dancers and many dancers to become professionals. Recognized for her unique flow and style on the dance floor, she is sought out to teach and judge at many events and festivals. Despite the many highlights of her career, the most rewarding aspect for Pascale is to see her students grow as dancers and people.

Pedro & Tiffany

From Melbourne

Pedro & Tiffany are one of the most dedicated and determined dance couples in Australia, bringing a lot of charisma, power and flavour to both the national and international Latin Dance scene.

These two Latinos are versatile dancers, performers, teachers and choreographers who have an undeniable and contagious passion for dancing.

They have a combined experience of more than 20 years in dancing and teaching a variety of styles, being Cuban Salsa, Afro-fusion, Mambo and Bachata some of their favourites. With a captivating style and a flavoursome body movement, they bring a unique approach to their dancing which will definitely capture your heart.

Sera Fichera

From Sydney

From Sydney, Australia the recently crowned World Champion in Salsa and Reggaeton teams and 2nd in the Professional Samba division, Sera Fichera is a powerhouse! Also multiple time Australian Champion in multiple styles, her performances never fail to amaze the audience and fill the stage with energy and strength.

This talented dancer is an incredible instructor of many styles including Reggaeton, Samba, Brazilian Funk, Salsa and Bachata. Famous for her fun and energetic classes, her workshops are not to be missed!

Ulysses Maclaren

From Sydney

Ulysses Maclaren has been teaching street Latin dance and travelling the world following his passion since 2006. Uly has performed and taught his unique style in America, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Switzerland, England and New Zealand.

As part of LDA’s Modus Vivendi team, he has competed at multiple World Championships and has over 15 Australian titles and a World Title in Salsa and Bachata. He runs Australia’s highest level student team, the Modus Vivendi Project, as well as the ever-popular Project Mayhem, a Latin Hip-Hop fusion team known for their highly entertaining routines


You can't miss this amazing event

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